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Hillside Gems Marco
Old English Game Bantam - Sport Cockerel
DOB: 4/22/06
Comments: Marco hatched out here and he sure is gorgeous! I am planning for him to be my showmanship bird for 4-H. He is not dubbed because I honestly hate that people dub these gorgeous birds and so if he gets marks down for it, so be it. Watch for him in some 4-H shows this year.

Hillside Gems Claire
Old English Game Bantam - Blue Pullet
DOB: 4/22/06
Comments: Claire is a beautiful little pullet. She has started laying very nice little eggs and I am liking how she is feathering out! She will be shown this year in 4-H shows too.

Hillside Gems Cammy
Old English Game Bantam - Blue Hen
DOB: 2005
Comments: Cammy is a awsome little bird. She was supposed to go to my 4-H fair in July 2006 but she had molted her tail literally 1 week before so I ended up leaving her at home. Let's hope I can show her this year.