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Dairy Goats

We acquired our first dairy goats in December 2005 from Suzanne Strong. We went looking for an Oberhasli doe strictly for 4-H showmanship. She had 2 experimenal alpine/oberhasli does and an american oberhasli doe available at that time. One of the experimental does, Stella, caught my eye because of her dark bay color and she lead perfectly. Apparently, the story behind her and the other experimental doe was they had been together since birth. I figure why not take both? The other doe, Savanna, would make an excellent breeding doe with a nice udder anyways.

Now we have Stella and Savanna. They both kidded in May 2006, and between the two of them we got 3 bucklings! We were able to find a great home for the kids after we wethered them. So we are trying this again this year, using a different stud buck. Stella is due in late June and Savanna will be kidding in early July. Let's hope for some doelings this time.

2006 was my very first year showing dairy goats in 4-H. I went to my county fair with Stella and Savanna and they took Grand Champion Oberhasli (Stella) and Grand Champion Recorded Grade (Savanna). Stella also took Best In Show out of all the dairy, pygmy, and meat goats for the 4-H division. I also won Senior Showmanship with Stella as my showmanship goat, which helped me qualify for the State Fair. I took only Stella to state fair (as it was my first year with dairy goats and only wanted to worry about milking one doe) and we did pretty well for our first year. In showmanship, I was one of the top 8 senior showmen for the 2006 Oregon State Fair and was in the final championship round. In the conformation class, Stella took Reserve Grand Champion Oberhasli, losing to another doe that originated from Suzanne Strong apparently. So needless to say I was pretty thrilled!

I have to say Dairy Goats is one of my favorite 4-H projects, if not my favorite because they are so hands-on. I will be competing at the State Fair next year (as long as my does settle!), so watch out everyone!

We are expecting Oberhasli kids in June/July! Check back then for pictures of our new kids!


DOB: 2/22/03 - ADGA registered - Experimental

Stella is a very nice doe. She has good dairy character with nice body capactiy to support all those valuable organs and lungs. I love her dark red bay color and her correct black Oberhasli markings. Stella took Best In Show and Best Udder at my county fair in July 2006. I then took her to the 4-H Oregon State Fair where she won Reserve Grand Champion oberhasli doe. Even though she looks completely oberhasli, she is half alpine, however in 4-H that doesn't matter so I show her by what she looks like. Stella is my 4-H showmanship dairy goat and she has the sweetest personality. I just love her!

Ober-D' Rainbow REN Stella

Sire's Sire: Hill N Hollar ODO Marquis
Sire: Hill N Hollar MRQ Renissance
Sire's Dam: Hill N Hollar A. Vanna

Dam's Sire: ++*B King's-Magic TS Easter Domingo
Dam: Echo-Hollow's DMG Estrella
Dam's Dam: Echo-Hollow's Hally's Comet

Kidding History:

2004 - twins
2005 - twins
5/5/06 - single buck

Stella is due June 24th, bred to Ober-D' Rainbow Troubeaudour.

DOB: 2/25/03 - ADGA registered - Experimental

When I picked up Stella, I had heard that Savanna and her had been together since birth so I decided to take Savanna home with me. She was bred and everything anyway. Savanna has a very sweet personality until it comes to food - she will knock you over for anything and she can get out of anything for food too. She has a very nice udder with good attachments and it is even and balanced. She is a very dairy doe too, and she will make some excellent oberhasli kids for me.

Ober-D' Rainbow RCO Savanna

Sire's Sire: ++*B King's-Magis TS Easter Domingo
Sire: *B Ober-D' Rainbow DMG Rico Bueno
Sire's Dam: 1*M GCH Echo-Hollow's TS Buenos Dias

Dam's Sire: Hill N Hollar Vision Accolade
Dam: Hill N Hollar A. Vanna
Dam's Dam: Hill N Hollar Elexor Vanessa

Kidding History:

2004 - twins
2005 - twins
5/12/06 - twin bucks

Savanna is due June 30th, bred to Ober-D' Rainbow Troubeaudour.

Stella and Savanna enjoying a sunny spot during a crisp, clear December day (12/17/06).

Past Oberhasli Kids

2006 Bucklings

From Left ot Right:
Born 5/12/06 - Ober-D' Rainbow Karl (Ober-D' Rainbow Red Valarian X Ober-D' Rainbow Savanna)
Born 5/12/06 - Ober-D' Rainbow Squid (Ober-D' Rainbow Red Valarian X Ober-D' Rainbow Savanna)
Born 5/5/06 - Ober-D' Rainbow Rico (Ober-D' Rainbow Red Valarian X Ober-D' Rainbow Stella)

Savanna with her twin boys on May 12, 2006, the night after they were born.

Stella with her day old single buckling, Rico, on May 6, 2006.

Reference Bucks

No Photo Available

DOB: 4/16/05 - ADGA registered - American Oberhasli

I never saw this buck in person, but this was the buck that Stella and Savanna were bred to when we purchased them. Those breeding produced the 2006 bucklings seen above.

Ober-D' Rainbow Red Valarian

Sire's Sire: Lyme Kiln S M Hans Micheal
Sire: Body-Shop's HMT Tomatillos
Sire's Dam: Body-Shop's F Katie's Taco

Dam's Sire: Ober-D' Rainbow Buenos Airies
Dam: Trickle Creek A. Lilly
Dam's Dam: Ober-D' Rainbow FNN Mirage

Stud History at Hillside Gems:

Bred Stella on 12/4/05
Bred Savanna on 12/9/05

DOB: 3/17/04 - ADGA registered - American Oberhasli

We bred both our does to Troubeaudour, who is half brother to Red Valarian (the buck we used last year). We love the conformation on the bucklings we got out of Red Valarian, but it was just that - they were bucklings. So hopefully by breeding to Troubeaudour, we have a better chance at his producing does for us with the same conformation and lineage. Troubeaudour is a very nice buck, and I really love his uphill, long stature since my does don't have that stature, and it is something that I find eye-catching. He has a very nice topline and rump. Troubeaudour has an excellent personality too, he's just a bit smelly!

Ober-D' Rainbow Troubeaudour

Sire's Sire: Body-Shops HMT Tomatillos
Sire: Erin-Go-Bragh BST Beauregard
Sire's Dam: Treetop-Acres Bonet's Bebe

Dam's Sire: Ober-D' Rainbow Buenos Airies
Dam: Trickle Creek A. Lilly
Dam's Dam: Ober-D' Rainbow FNN Mirage

Stud History at Hillside Gems:

Bred Stella on Jan. 30th
Bred Savanna on Feb. 5th

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