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Hillside Gems

My Rabbits
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I used to raise quality Netherland dwarf rabbits for ARBA showing, breeding, and pets. However, due to high school and the goats, I have to give up something, and I have decided the rabbits must go. I still have a few rabbits that I have as pets and 4-H projects which you can see below. I have 35+ Netherland Dwarfs available. Please contact me for info!

Meg's Fresh Prince
Thank you so much for Prince, Meg!
Tan sr. buck - Prince is such a character, we love him!

Hobbs' Glory
Thank you for Glory, Janice!
American Fuzzy Lop sr. doe - Glory has 5 GC legs, including a RIS.

There will be pictures of our rabbits as soon as possible.
Meg's Fresh Prince (aka Mr. Tan)
Tan - Black Sr. Buck
DOB: 3/5/06
Prince is a gorgeous tan with rich red color and a beautiful jet black top coat. He took BIS and Best in Barn at my county fair in July 2006 and hasn't been shown since. He is also making it easier to study running breeds.
Hobbs' Glory (aka Fuzzy)
American Fuzzy Lop - Solid Blue Tort Sr. Doe
DOB: 5/7/03
Glory is such a sweetheart. I just love her and her huge head! She has nice shape and substance to her ears which are right behind her eye. She has an excellent wool, however I am currently trying to get her dead coat off of her! She was RIS at my county fair back in July 2006. I plan on using her as my showmanship rabbit for the next year of 4-H. She also has 5 ARBA legs which include a RIS!
Netherland Dwarf - Black Otter Sr. Buck
Coming soon.
Black Otter Sr. Doe
Netherland Dwarf - Black Otter Sr. Doe
Coming soon