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Hillside Gems

Show Results
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Fools For Goats Show 2006 - 4/1/06
Dairy Goat Showmanship: Champion
Oberhasli: Grand Champion doe, BOB
Pygmy Goat Showmanship: Champion
Pygmy: Reserve Grand Champion
Open Showmanship: Reserve Grand champion
2006 Columbia County Fair - 7/19-23/06
Showmanship: Champion
Netherland Dwarfs: BOB, BOS, 1st place Sr. doe, Jr. Doe, and Jr. Buck (no Sr. bucks shown), BIS Open
American Fuzzy Lop: BOB, RIS Open
Tan: BOB, BIS 4-H
Showmanship: Champion
Crossbred Pullet: Champion
Small Animal Round Robin Showmanship: Grand Champion
Dairy Goat
Showmanship: Champion
Oberhasli: Grand Champion, BIS & Best Udder 4-H
Recorded Grade: Grand Champion
Pygmy Goat
Showmanship: Champion
Does: Grand Champion, Sr. Ch., Res. Sr. Ch., Res. Jr. Ch.
Wethers: Grand Champion
Master Showmanship (Large Animal Round Robin): Grand Champion!
It was a very successful county fair!

2006 Oregon State Fair
Pygmy Goat Showmanship: 4th out of 6
Int. Doe Kid: 1st
3 year old doe: 2nd
4 year old doe: 6th
Dairy Goat Showmanship: Blue & Call-Back out of around 20 showmen
Oberhasli 3 year old doe: 2nd, Reserve Sr. Ch., Res. Grand Champion