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Hillside Gems
Northwest Oregon - Pygmy Goats & Oberhasli Goats

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Welcome to Hillside Gems online! We are a small farm outside of a small town in beautiful northwest Oregon. We raise Pygmy Goats and Oberhasli Dairy Goats. I used to raise Netherland Dwarf rabbits and used to show them competitively around Oregon. I recently sold out of dwarfs and now have a couple pet rabbits for 4-H. I wanted to get into NPGA and ADGA but school has become too much and I have decided to stay with 4-H. I believe I have quality animals and take great pride in them. I compete in 4-H fairs and shows as well as the 4-H division of State Fair and it's a very time consuming hobby of mine that I enjoy. I have one more year until I am off to college but until then, watch out for me!

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