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Scabrock Critters Mercy

Mercy is a very loving doe, wanting to be with people more than goats. She was a bottle baby, so I guess that may have something to do with it! She follows me everywhere and she knows her name too. We brought Mercy home in June 2006 from the Red, White and Blue Hula show in Monroe from Jewel Floch. We met up there and watched a few classes be judged. That was my first NPGA pygmy show and it was so much fun, even just being there for 30 minutes! We picked up Mercy and drove 4 hours home that afternoon. I just love her, she's a sweetheart.

Mercy was bred to Helvetia Meadows Max who was a very stocky black buck that lived 15 minutes away from us! Which meant we didn't have to drive very far which was a very good thing. I decided on Max as her stud because, well, he was one of the only bucks I could find (haha just kidding), but also he had a full barrel, was very wide and stocky, and had hocks that would corret Mercy's short-hockiness. Also, Max had a much better head than Mercy does. Max was sold literally a day after Mercy was bred so we were lucky she took! Now we are just hoping for a fast, safe, and healthy delivery in February when the kids are due. Mercy kidded last year on March 24, 2006, and had quads: 2 does and 2 bucks. That was her first kidding and it was quite easy for her. I am hoping for another easy delivery for her and some cute kids! Let's hope for does... My dad keeps calling Mercy by the name, Misty, because he knows it bugs me. So I will have to name one of Mercy's daughter's Misty just to confuse him more!

Keep checking back as I will add pictures of Mercy through-out her pregnancy.

Scabrock Critters Mercy
Light Grey Agouti Doe - DOB: 3/5/04
Sire: PGCH Bizbomb Acres Irish Hooligan
Dam: Town & Country Perfect Prize

Mercy is pictured here when she is 3 months pregnant on 12/17/06. She just keeps getting bigger!

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