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Moore's Hillside Gems

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Moore's Netherland Dwarfs
Moore's Hillside Gems

"Gem of the Fancy" - The Netherland Dwarf Rabbit
Netherland Dwarfs are our main focus out of the two breeds we are working on. We have REW, Sable, Smoke Pearl, Tort, Sable Point, Sable Marten, and Smoke Pearl Marten dwarfs, but Seals and Seal Martens how up every once in a while. Netherlands are a challenge if you think about it, you have to have the huge, round, bold head; short, think, round ears; short, solid, wide, deep, round body, have to have bone, bold eyes, short legs, vibrant colors and markings, and a great personality. It's a hobby of a lifetime!

Jr. & Sr. Bucks

Moore's Iris DOB: 3-7-04 - Smokey X Mimi
Looking at his and Mimi's (at the right) pictures, can't you tell they are related? LOL

GC DAD's Amazing Poser, 10 Legs
Sable Point Sr. Buck, DOB: 10-24-01

Moore's Sydney Smokey X Mimi
DOB: 3-7-04, full littermate brother to Iris above...

GC Widrig's Smokey, Sable Sr. Buck DOB: 4-24-01
GC Widrig's Smokey
5 legs - 2 BOG, 2 BOSG, 1 BOV... Main herd buck, I love his body...

King's King, REW Sr. buck DOB: 11-9-03
King's King
A very nice young sr. buck, out of Sable Points and Torts, so will be valuable to my shades....

Jr. & Sr. Does

TMR's Mimi, Sr. Doe
DOB: 1/03

Countryfield's Majesty, Sr. Doe
DOB: 10-8-03, 1 Leg for BOSG

Rainbeau's Reba, Sr Doe
DOB: 2-6-03, Brood doe, but she has the body....

CM's Oasis, Jr Doe
Sable Marten, excellent little doe, DOB: 4-5-04