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Moore's Hillside Gems

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Moore's For Sale
Moore's Hillside Gems

Interested in a bunny you see on this page? Feel free to E-Mail me for more info. I have lots of juniors in the nextboxes and with mom, so keep checking the breeds pages and nestbox page for juniors that might end up on here available....

Allison's Silver DOB: 7-25-03
For Sale - Allison's Silver
Siamese Smoke Pearl ND Sr. Buck, registered w/ Red white & blue pedigree

Silver is a very beautiful buck. He is out of GC McCready's Brice X Allison's Neon Pearl. He is registered at 2.08 pounds and has a Red, White, and Blue Pedigree. He is solid, wide, huge head, thick ears, and great additude and temperment. He is proven (see his babies on the Nestbox page) and would make a great herd buck. I don't like his hindquarter as they are a little long, but very well filled in. Very nice buck... he has Micro Ranch, Getitia's, and more McCready lines behind him. Don't miss this great chance at this buck.... I have smoke jr bucks coming up, otherwise I'd keep him and get more breedings from him...

Allison's Silver again
Front Head shot....

I have, or will have, Smoke Pearls, Sables, Shaded Martens, REWs, Seals, Torts, and Standard Dwarf Hotots in the nestboxes with Summer that will be ready to leave by Fall and Winter. If you are looking for a certain variety, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to put you on a list or show you what I have then...