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Other Events

2006 Fools For Goats Show - 4/1/06 - St. Helens, OR

Dairy Goat Showmanship: Champion
Pygmy Goat Showmanship: Champion
Grand Champion Oberhasli Doe
Reserve Grand Champion Pygmy Doe

Last April we held our first "Fools For Goats" show at our local fairgrounds. Our goat club put it on and it was open to anyone with goats in Columbia County. We had a decent outcome and the profits went towards new panels for the goat barn at the county fair, as they are badly needed.

This coming year, 2007, we plan on having another show. However, we are moving it later in the year so hopefully we get more dairy does in milk. Check back to this page later in the year doe updates. The show will be held either April 28th or May 5th in St. Helens, OR. The show is open to Dairy Goats, Pygmy Goats, and Meat Goats. More details coming later.

Other events coming later.