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Pygmy Goats

Hillside Gems has been raising Pygmy Goats since 2001, however we haven't had registered pygmies until June 2006, when we picked up our first doe. We are slowly building into a herd of quality NPGA registered Pygmy Goats and we're enjoying the journey. These little goats really are addicting! You can see our registered NPGA Pygmy Goats below, as well as our 4-H show wether.

We are expecting pygmy kids in February 2007. Check back at the end of February for pictures of our new kids!


Flying Goat Farm Puffin
Dark Caramel Buckling - DOB: 9/8/06
Sire: Coming soon
Dam: Coming soon


Scabrock Critters Mercy
Medium Grey Agouti Doe - DOB: 3/5/04
Sire: PGCH Bizbomb Acres Irish Hooligan
Dam: Town & Country Perfect Prize

Mercy is due February 22, 2007, bred to Helvetia Meadows Max.


Hillside Gems Starbuck
Medium Grey Agouti Wether - DOB: 2/15/03
Sire: Phileo Farms Masterpiece
Dam: "Rosebud"

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