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Along with the dwarfs and fuzzies, I have a couple pet bunnies that I occassiaonlly throw on the show table. Below, you will find my tan. He is a very nice representation of the breed and he goes along to 4-H shows with me. Tans are a wonderful breed but I chose to try fuzzy lops as a second breed rather than the tans. Instead, I decided to just have him as a pet.

Meg's Fresh Prince :: Black Sr. Buck :: # E63
DOB: March 5th, 2006
Sire: Meg's Cody (Blue, 2 legs)
Dam: Greyhound Stud's Beautiful (Black)

Show Winnings:
2006 Columbia County Fair - BIS
1/27/07 - NWCYC Winter show - BOB (no leg)
Prince is a character. I brought him home at 3 1/2 months old and he has turne into an awesome rabbit. He has a gorgeous jet black topcoat and very rich, deep tan factor. He has a nice hindquarter and decent markings. Every show I've taken him to he's been the only tan there so I don't know how he would do against some competition. He gets to live in the barn with the dwarfs and lops for now, but come summer time I am moving him outside in a very large hutch, near the goat barn, so he has room to run instead of me letting him run in the goat's pasture. He's a sweetie!