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June 22 - Updated Pictures: ND, DH, Junior, Nestbox pages
June 22 - Updated Show Record. Also below:

Next show we are attending is the All-Breed ARBA Youth Show in Portland, OR, on July 17, and then the FMNDRC Double Dwarf Specialties July 18. Then we have our Columbia County Fair the 18-25. Don't expect many updates then.. we will be busy.... Hope to see you there!

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Welcome to Hillside Gems' Official Rabbitry Website! We raise, show, and sell Quality Netherland Dwarfs in Ruby Eyed Whites, Siamese Sables, Siamese Smoke Pearls, Sable Points, Tortoise Shells, Sable Martens, and Smoke Pearl Martens, and Dwarf Hotots in Standard.

We are located in the Beautiful Pacific Northwest just north of Portland Oregon in a small town called Scappoose.

We have lines, in the Netherland Dwarfs, from Widrig's, McCready's, DAD's, CM's, Countryfield's, Rainbeau's, TMR's, and others in the background like Bun'nay's, Covert's, Reese's, Micro Ranch, Getitia's, CN's (Coin/Nelson) and even Imports! In Dwarf Hotots, we mostly have lines from Nyberg's and RanchValley's (RV), with Hop-A-Long's, Warren's, Mingus, Wolff's, and Cameo's in the background.

We are finally out of school for the summer, so I now have more time to focus on my bunnies and get to more shows too. The site is always changing and being updated so come back soon!

Vicki Moore

Specializing in Quality Netherland Dwarfs & Dwarf Hotots

Proud Member of:

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