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Moore's Hillside Gems

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Moore's Dwarf Hotots
Moore's Hillside Gems

"Eyes of the Fancy" - The Dwarf Hotot Rabbit
Dwarf Hotots (OH-toes) are definately one of the less common breeds. They only come in one recognized color, black, but chocolate passed it's first showing while blue failed... but they are out there. We only have Black. Hotots are full of character and love attention. They can be fiesty at times, but all are real loving pet bunnies. Dwarf Hotots are somewhat like Netherland Dwarfs, yet completely different at the same time. Hotots should have the "dwarf" looking head with a full muzzle, a short, round, deep, wide, solid, broad body, short thick ears not touching, and they should also have bone. Dwarf Hotots, when they were being created, were crossed with Netherland Dwarfs in order to get type, so don't be surprised if you get REW hotots in your litters....

Moore's Pipsy, Jr Doe DOB: 3-2-04
Moore's Pipsy
Updated Pic taken 6-19-04....Nice topline, could use more depth in shoulders....

Moore's Pipsy, DOB: 3-2-04
Pipsy back around 2 1/2 months....

Nyberg's Tex, Sr. buck DOB: 9-21-03
Nyberg's Tex
Nice boy, doesn't like to pose so he doesn't do so hot on the tables, huge head and he has bone...

Tex is a great example of how sweet and funny dwarf hotots can be. Although you can't feel him, etc., I asure you, he has never bit, scratched, or growled at anyone before. You want bunnies like that so you can promote the breed which is what every breeder should be doing 24/7 with their breed....

Nyberg's Tex again
Tex & his flower
Sniffing a flower.... is he just cute or what?

Hop-A-Long's Jazzy, Sr. Doe DOB: 7-9-03
Nice doe, brood due to eye spot. Lost first 2 litters but is preg again

RV Mula, Sr. doe DOB: 7-16-02
My best brood doe. She has never lost a kit, but carries the max factor gene....

Now, when the Dwarf Hotots were being created, breeders crossed in REW Netherland Dwarfs to help type. With type came genetics. Both of these does above and below carry the Max Factor gene. One litter of Mula's bred to Tex, she had 8 babies; 1 stillborn, 4 max factors, and 3 true dwarfs. Now as seen on the babies page, only the true dwarfs lived. I had to put down the max factors. Just goes to show how challenging the Dwarf breeds can be....

Nyberg's Phyllis, Sr. doe, DOB: 3-27-03
Nyberg's Phyllis
A nice doe, brood doe because of black hairs on ears, nice type though....