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Moore's Hillside Gems

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Moore's Nestbox Kits
Moore's Hillside Gems

News Flash:
Countryfield's Majesty delivered 3 healthy kits June 18, 2004. She lost her first litter due to mothering instincts not kicking in, but finally I have babies from her. I have been waiting for babies from her and Poser ever since she reached breeding age. She has 1 Leg and Poser has 10 legs... let's hope this is a good pairing....

Silver X Mimi, Darker smokes
doe on left, buck on right 6-20-04

Smoke Babies, Allison's Silver X TMR's Mimi
Silver X Mimi
Not exactly the shading I wanted... but the dark smokes have nice heads and ears so far...Cute

Smoke Babies again, DOB: 5-28-04
Doe on the left, buck in the middle, doe on the right, pics taken 6-19-04

Same Tort as below
Here's a better pic of him....

Tort Jr. Buck DOB: 5-23-04
Moore's Red
Out of Rainbeau's Jack X Reba, real thick ears and a great tempermant... pic taken 6-19-04

2 of 3 Dwarf Hotot kits DOB: 5-13-04
Eclipse & Supernova
Out of Tex X Mula, this is what's left of the Max Factor litter....

Moore's Iris (DOB: 3-7-04)
Moore's Iris (4 weeks)
Iris pictured at 4 weeks old... This is my favorite pic out of all of them on my site... so cute...

Moore's Pipsy, pictured around weaning age
Moore's Pipsy
DOB: 3-2-04, wasn't she cute back then?

Dwarf Hotots Due:
Hop-A-Long's Jazzy bred to Nyberg's Tex - Due June 24
Nyberg's Phyllis bred to Nyberg's Tex - Due July 6
Netherland Dwarfs Due:
None bred at this time....