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Bucks available for Stud

The following bucks are available for stud service. Conditions are as follows:

1. Buck owner (breeder) and doe owner state that both buck and doe are healthy, are in breedable condition, and are free from any known illness, disease, infection, abscesses, worms, coccidia, and mange.
2. If the doe does not settle and comes back into heat, the doe may be brought back for rebreeding. If it is determined that the doe is infertile, the breeding can be used on another doe owned by the doe's owner.
3. Payment is due at the time the doe is picked up and the breeder will provide a breeding memo at that time. Doe owner will return the breeding memo and a new one will be issued if the doe must be rebred.
4. All reasonable care will be taken, but the breeder is not responsible for reimbursement in case of accidental death, injury, or illness of doe. All veterinary expenses incurred by the doe are the responsibility of the doe's owner.

Price for Stud
$50 per doe per breeding at this time. First 2 weeks board are free. *After that, it is $5 a day per doe*.

* This is for extra feed and labor.

My advice is to figure out when your doe is going to come into heat, and bring her to me a week or less before she cycles again. After my buck breeds her, she can go home.

DOB: 9/8/06 - registration pending

Puffin is a very stylish little buck. He is very wide through out with excellent muscling, a strong topline, good width between the hocks, and to add to the cuteness factor, he has a great little bucky head that is short, wide, and dished. He stands on strong straight legs as well. He is pictured here at 4 months old and we believe he will just keep growing into a better buck. I am excited to show him next spring and see how he competes. He reminds me of his maternal grandsire, Dakota, in his style very much!

Starting Summer 2007, Puffin will be available for stud. At that time he will be 8-10 months old and will be ready to begin breeding on a limited basis. I am using my own does on Puffin as well. Email me for info on Puffin.

Flying Goat Farm Puffin

Sire's Sire: coming soon
Sire: Rosebrook Extreme Rebellion
Sire's Dam: coming soon

Dam's Sire: Proverbial Pygmies Dakota
Dam: Sunset Ridge Jenna
Dam's Dam: Sunset Ridge Laurel

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