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I used to be apart of the showing and breeding world with Netherland Dwarfs rabbits for the past 5 years. I had a couple wins and I enjoyed it, but the time and committment that the rabbits required has become too much and I am selling my herd of dwarfs. I still have several rabbits available for sale, see the Available page. I have decided to keep a few rabbits for 4-H. You can see those rabbits below.

I currently still have rabbits for 4-H and I plan to get to some 4-H shows in NW Oregon this next year. I will still be teaching younger 4-H members about rabbits and I will still be showing in 4-H. We'll see if I decide to compete at state this year or not - if I did, I would miss 4H pygmy conformation, which is very important to me. Either way, my rabbits will till be around.

Upcoming Rabbit Shows/Events

1/27/07 - NWCYC All Breed Youth Open Show - Portland, OR
******* Results are in!
* * * * Moore's Desert Rose - BOB
* * * * Meg's Fresh Prince - BOB
2/17/07 - Double Dwarf Specialty Show - Newberg, OR (Only going for a few hours)
2/24/07 - Washington County Small Animal Show (4-H youth show) - Hillsboro, OR
******* Unfortunately, we will not be at this show as we will be attending the NWODGA Conference in Oregon City.
3/2/07 - All Animal Day for Columbia County 4-H - St. Helens, OR
5/12/07 - 4-H Youth Fair - St. Helens, OR
5/19/07 - Crazy 8 ARBA shows - Canby, OR
5/19/07 - Spring Fling 4-H Rabbit & Poultry Show - Canby, OR
7/18-23/07 - Columbia County 4-H & Open Fair - St. Helens, OR

Other rabbit related events and shows will be posted when we know we can attend them.


Meg's Fresh Prince :: Tan :: Black Sr. Buck (# E63)

Sire: Meg's Cody (Blue, 2 legs)
Dam: Greyhound Stud's Beautiful (Black)
DOB: March 5, 2006

Show Wins:
7/20/06 Columbia County 4-H Show - BIS
7/17/06 Columbia County Open Show - BOB
1/27/07 NWCYC Winter Show - BOB (no leg)

Prince is a very stylish tan buck that comes from Meg Wagoner of Black Fire rabbits. Meg took BOB Tan at Tan Nationals 2006, and has several other big wins. I have always loved the tan breed but never had room for a tan. Now that I am selling out of dwarfs, I acquired a tan. He has a gorgeous deep red tan factor and a glossy jet black top coat. Just gorgeous!

Hobbs' Glory :: American Fuzzy Lop :: Solid Blue Tort Sr. Doe (# GLO)

Sire: Tommie's Memphis (Brk Tort, 12 legs)
Dam: Hobbs' Hanna (Orange, 11 legs)
DOB: May 7, 2003

Show Wins:
5 ARBA legs - One includes RIS Youth Show in Fall 2003
7/20/06 Columbia County 4-H Show - BOB
7/17/06 Columbia County Open Show - RIS

Glory is probably my favorite rabbit. She has proven herself on the table in her younger days, and now is a beloved, spoiled pet here at Hillside Gems. Glory has the greatest personality. She is like a dog, and gets excited whenever you step into the rabbitry. She is so gentle and will bascailly let you do anything to her. She also loves to get around and hop around. She's not shy at all! Glory was sold to be as a pet due to she didn't pass a live litter within a year's time. Now she is with us and tags along to some 4-H shows. She has an excellent head, ear, and crown. She does have a bit of ear control. Her body is very balanced with full hindquarters, strong shoulders, and lovely dense wool! Watch out for Glory!

Moore's Desert Rose :: Netherland Dwarf :: REW Sr. Doe (# 19)

Sire: Moore's Going Extreme (Sable Marten)
Dam: Moore's Pudge (Smoke Pearl)
DOB: July 30, 2006
Litter Status: Bred to "54" and due March 12th

Show Wins:
1/27/07 NWCYC Winter Show - BOB (1st leg)

Rose is a very nice little doe, and she seems to get better each and every day. To start off, thigs that I would like to change on her are her ears big time. They balance, but they are set too far back, need to be more round and open. She is also long in her mid-section. Otherwise, I really do like this doe. She has a great little chubby head with good width and a nice full hindquarter. She has good depth to her as well. We'll see how she continues to grow since she has those slow-growing imports in her. Out of the Netherland Dwarf herd, I choose to keep her as one of the dwarfs I will be using for 4-H. Also, she is the only kid that is showable that we have out of her sire, who was the only kit out of the CM's Oasis x CM's Tonic pairing. So Rose is pretty special. She even got my jersey number for soccer as her tattoo number!

"54" :: Netherland Dwarf :: REW Sr. Buck (# 54)

Sire: REW Import (waiting on ped)
Dam: REW Import (waiting on ped)
DOB: 2006

Show Wins:
2006 Oregon State Fair ARBA show - BOB (1st leg)

This little guy was basically given to me. He's such a sweet bunny. He's out of condition right noe so he doesn't look too hot in his pictures, but I plan on bringing him back and see what he can do later in the year. He has a great head on him for his size and age. He has nice hindquarters, although it's a little hard to feel them since he's not in flesh right now. I like his little ears too. I wish he had more bone and mass to him as well as wider, deeper shoulders, but they aren't bad and I'm sure they will come as he grows. I am waiting on his pedigree, but he is out of 2 REW imports that have REW all the way behind him. He's a cutie!
Exciting News!

We will have some new additions to the rabbitry that
will start appearing February 17. Check back to see what we add!

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