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Pygmy Goats

Hillside Gems has been raising Pygmy Goats since 2001, however we haven't had registered pygmies until June 2006, when we picked up our first doe. We are slowly building into a herd of quality NPGA registered Pygmy Goats and we're enjoying the journey. These little goats really are addicting! You can see our registered NPGA Pygmy Goats below, as well as our 4-H show wether.

Our goats are given individual attention every day and we get to know each and every one of them. They are given hoof trims once a month and we have our herd on a vaccine "program". Our herd gets CD&T once a year and BoSe twice a year. We only worm 1-2 times a year, however we have never had a problem with worms. We worm in June before County fair in July and in September for the goats that go to state fair, just in case they pick up something. Our goats are given an alfalfa/orachard grass hay mix every evening and during the day they have a small pasture with a lot of brush. Our goats get wet COB every evening as well and how much depends on the individual goat. They have a mineral block out that they can have 24/7 and they always have fresh water that is changed at least once a day. Our goats are fenced in as we do have predators around, and they are locked up in the barn at night.

We love our goats and they are treated like apart of the family. I show my goats at my local county fair and the Oregon State Fair every year. This year (2007) I plan to go to some NPGA shows and start showing my small herd, or at least get to know the scene and visit the shows. Hope to see you around!

We are expecting pygmy kids in February 2007. Check back at the end of February for pictures of our new kids!


DOB: 9/8/06 - registration pending

Puffin is a very stylish little buck. He is very wide through out with excellent muscling, a strong topline, good width between the hocks, and to add to the cuteness factor, he has a great little bucky head that is short, wide, and dished. He stands on strong straight legs as well. He is pictured here at 4 months old and we believe he will just keep growing into a better buck. I am excited to show him next spring and see how we competes. He reminds me of his maternal grandsire, Dakota, in his style very much!

Flying Goat Farm Puffin

Sire's Sire: coming soon
Sire: Rosebrook Extreme Rebellion
Sire's Dam: coming soon

Dam's Sire: Proverbial Pygmies Dakota
Dam: Sunset Ridge Jenna
Dam's Dam: Sunset Ridge Laurel


DOB: 3/5/04 - NPGA registered

Mercy was our first registered pygmy here at Hillside Gems. She's my 4-H showmanship pygmy goat and a great brood doe for my NPGA herd. We bought her in June 2006 after she had kidded for the first time, very easily I might add. Mercy has good bone with a strong neck and smooth blending. She is wide with good shoulder depth. I'd really like to see stronger, straighter legs and longer hocks. More depth by her flank with a wider chest floor. Overall she is a very nice brood doe and will start us out right. She is just like the family dog and will follow you everything. She's very affectionate and loves to be rubbed. We just love her!

Scabrock Critters Mercy

Sire's Sire: Whirlwind Farms Awesome Attitude
Sire: PGCH Bizbomb Acres Irish Hooligan
Sire's Dam: K's Heavenly Hill Island Hula

Dam's Sire: Town & Country Perfect-O
Dam: Town & Country Perfect Prize
Dam's Dam: Town & Country Honeysuckle Rose

Kidding History:

3/24/06 - Quads; 2 does & 2 bucks

Mercy is due February 22, 2007, bred to Helvetia Meadows Max.

DOB: 4/2/03 - NPGA registered

Charlie's Angel

Scabrock Critters Charlie's Angel

Sire's Sire: Whirlwind Farms Awesome Attitude
Sire: PGCH Bizbomb Acres Irish Hooligan
Sire's Dam: K's Heavenly Hill Island Hula

Dam's Sire: n/a
Dam: Scabrock Critters Jasmine
Dam's Dam: n/a

Kidding History:

3/26/06 - triplets; 2 does & 1 buck

Charlie will be bred to Puffin Fall 2007.

DOB: 1/26/03 - NPGA registered


GRCH Scabrock Critters Abigail

Sire's Sire: n/a
Sire: 3xGRCH Desert Suns Dallas
Sire's Dam: n/a

Dam's Sire: n/a
Dam: Scabrock Critters Magical Moment
Dam's Dam: n/a

Kidding History:


Abby will be bred to Puffin in Fall 2007.


DOB: 2/15/03 - Not registered

Starbuck was the first buck born on our farm, but he was born to an un-registered doe. Eithe way, he's a very nice, BIG wether. I use him as my "heat detecter" for the does, as he really wants to be a buck. He has strong, straight legs with incredible chest floor depth. He is nice and wide in back with a great topline. He could blend a little more, in my opinion, but he is very correct and is a very big powerhouse!

Hillside Gems Starbuck

Sire's Sire: N/A
Sire: Phileo Farms Masterpiece
Sire's Dam: N/A

Dam's Sire: "Eddy"
Dam: "Rosebud"
Dam's Dam: "Fudge"

Reference Bucks

We bred Scabrock Critters Mercy to Max this year. Max is a very powerful buck with a ton of bone and muscle, who is very well blended. He has strong feet and legs too and I am hoping he will correct Mercy in most of her fault areas. Max is such a sweetheart too!

Helvetia Meadows Max

Sire's Sire: unknown at this time
Sire: unknown at this time
Sire's Dam: unknown at this time

Dam's Sire: unknown at this time
Dam: unknown at this time
Dam's Dam: unknown at this time

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