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Below, read about journal entries and how my 4-H year is coming along.

December 29, 2007

I've decided to start a 4-H journal. My plan is to journal about my thoughts, experiences, and results from 4-H events and if all goes well, I'll add pictures as they come too. As far as December goes, I've recently been thinking about what I am going to do for county fair, aka what I am going to bring to the fair. I need to decide how I am getting said animals for my project. I have decided I am perfectly content with the pygmy goats. For the Oberhaslis, I have Stella staying at the buck's house starting on January 1st, so she'll be bred and then I have her kids from last year. So, it's mainly been rabbits. I've decided I want to have more than 1 rabbit at county fair, and I'd like them to be different breeds, just to mix it up. I have the fuzzy lop, and now I want to find a show quality jersey wooly and dwarf hotot. I may have found a jersey wooly, but she's in California.. so I'm working on it. I'll try to find a dwarf hotot here in the northwest. There's a show on the 26th of January so I'll search there. I guess I'll just keep this updated. Also, I have my first meeting with some new rabbit kids on Sunday, January 6th. We'll see how that goes. More to come!!

4-H Projects

Dairy Goat
Pygmy Goat
Veterinary Science

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