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Hillside Gems

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Flying Goat Farm Puffin
This little guy will be joining us this December

We currently don't own any bucks, however we plan on adding "Flying Goat Farm Puffin" to our herd this Winter. He is a Dark Caramel buckling born 9/8/06, and so far, he looks like he will help out the herd.

This is the buck we are hoping Mercy will take to
Reference buck
Sire of a 2X jr. Ch. Helvetia Meadows Tarzan

Scabrock Critters Mercy has been bred to Helvetia Meadows Max, the last week of September. We will be watching her to see if she took or not. If she did, we are expecting babies around Feb. 24. Check back for updates!

Hillside Gems Starbuck
Starbuck is our resident wether who will keep our buck company. Starbuck is such a sweetheart!

Hillside Gems Starbuck
DOB: Feb. 15, 2003
Starbuck was our first boy born on our farm, so of course we had to keep him. However at that time we couldn't keep a buck, so we wethered him. He has won Best Wether at the Columbia County Fair for the past 4 years. Starbuck is such a sweetheart, we just love him. He will be living with our buck when we bring him home as well as another wether of ours.