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Hillside Gems

My Poultry
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I have had chickens for 8 years, and ducks for on and off over that time period. Poultry was my first 4-H project and I started out with a trio of pekin ducks, and a pair of BBR OEGB back in 1999. I really enjoy the birds a lot and they are a lot smarter than you would think.
We currently have a very small flock of 13 chickens and 4 ducks. The ducks include a trio of white call ducks and a gray call drake. We have Old English Game Bamtams (OEGB), Wyandottes, Sex Links, Rhode Island Reds, and Silkies, as well as a little bantam cross pullet that I use for 4-H showmanship. My brother cares for the birds as I care for the goats and rabbits. The chickens provide farm fresh eggs every day as well as great pets. The ducks are kind of useless, but my brother enjoys them.
If you have any questions feel free to email me, thanks!

Pictures are coming as soon as possible, it's hard to work around school and sports!

A Blue OEGB hen of mine and my OEGB/Silkie cross
Both were hatched out here at Hillside Gems and we own the parents