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4-H Dairy Goats
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Dairy Goats, like Pygmy Goats, are one of my 4-H projects. This is my second year with the dairy goat project. I have 1 Oberhasli senior doe that I use as my project and showmanship animal. We completed at the 2006 Oregon State Fair together and came back with some decent results for my first year ever:
Senior Showmanship: Blue & Call-Back. They kept us in the ring for hours. I finally broke down and missed a single question that lost me the competition. There were some excellent showmen out there in the final class and I was lucky enough to be brought back for the final round - it was very competitive! Congrats to the winners, and I hope to see you next year!
Ober-D' Rainbow REN Stella, Oberhasli 3 year old doe: 2nd in her class, Reserve Senior Champion, and she went on to win Reserve Grand Champion Oberhasli doe at the 2006 4-H Oregon State Fair out of about 10 does. Even though there wasn't a ton of competition, Stella still pulled out. It was very exciting!
That is all I competed in dairy goats with at the State Fair. Stella had a single buckling (now wethered and living with our neighbor) in May 2006 so I didn't have any junior does to show this year. Hopefully next year I will have a junior doe or 2 to show as well!

Stella and me during senior showmanship
@ the 2006 Oregon State Fair

Ober-D' Rainbow REN Stella
@ the 2006 Oregon State Fair
Stella is my 4-H dairy goat project animal and showmanship doe (not in milk in picture)

Stella's udder