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Hillside Gems

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Sales Policy (please agree and follow this before you inquire about an animal):
We reserve the right to refuse a sale at any time for any reason, as these are living creatures and we want the best for them.
To hold a doe or wether, we need a 50% non-refundable deposit, and that will hold the goat for 2 weeks and label the goat as "SALE PENDING". Just because a goat is SALE PENDING, doesn't mean it is not available. Feel free to inquire on any SALE PENDING animal. If you need to have the goat held longer for you to pick them up, please contact me and we will work something out.
If you are interested in a buck, he needs to be paid for in full before he is born or I will wether him, as I do not have room for extra bucks. Bucklings are wethered at about 4 weeks of age using the banding method.
Once in a while we will breed one of our unreigstered does to our registered buck. Those kids are for 4-H and pets. If the animal is registered, they will come with their registration papers. We will not sell unregistered bucks unless you contact me ahead of time. All goats will come with a vaccination record, birth date and parents (if not registered), and if they are a mature doe, a kidding record.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me and ask. Thank you for looking!

Currently For Sale:
Hillside Gems Ellie
(picture coming soon)
DOB: 2/16/06
Ellie is a grade white caramel doeling. Very friendly and loves people. She would make an excellent 4-H project and leads decently, needs to be worked with a bit more though. She does not mind being touched. She is up-to-date on all vaccines (CDT & BoSe) and wormers.
Ober-D' Rainbow RCO Savanna
Silver Chamoisee Registered Experimental Doe
50/50 Alpine/Oberhasli
DOB: 2/25/03
Savanna is 3 years old with 3 freshenings and twins every time. Very easy kidder, you can just sit back and watch. She's an "in-your-pocket" type of doe and loves people. She has a nice udder with good attachments that is held up high to her body. I am selling her because I don't have room for 2 dairy does and my other doe is my 4-H showmanship doe. She would make an excellent 4-H doe or breeding doe for Oberhaslis (if bred to darker bucks) or alpines.

Savanna's udder at 3 months lactation
She is now dry.