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Pygmy Goats

Flying Goat Farm Puffin - registration pending
Dark Caramel Buck
DOB: 9/8/06
Sire: Rosebrook Extreme Rebellion
Dam: Sunset Ridge Jenna
Comments: Puffin is very stylish little buck with good rear width and angulation. He has a strong topline and a good rump. He has strong, straight feet and legs with excellent traction. Plus, he's got a cute head! He needs to grow into his shoulders and chest, but I have no doubt that that will come with time.

Puffin will be offered for stud service starting Summer 2007, but space is limited. Please email me for info on stud breedings.

Mercy is 4 months pregnant in this picture.

Scabrock Critters Mercy
Light Grey Agouti Doe
DOB: 3/5/04
Sire: PGCH Bizbomb Acres Irish Hooligan
Dam: Town & Country Perfect Prize
Comments: Mercy was my first registered pygmy. She was originally a bottle baby, and I guess that made her much more friendly towards humans, as she much rather be with me rather than the herd! He is a very nice doe with good bone and nice short rear angulation. She will make an excellent brood doe for us. Mercy is also my 4-H showmanship doe.

Mercy is currently bred to Helvetia Meadows Max. She's due February 20, 2007.

We will be adding more does to our herd this Spring/Summer 2007. Check back later for info and for new arrivals due in February!