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Occassionally I will have animals looking for new homes. Whether they are registered show goats or pet quality bunnies, I will only sell to good homes only where they will not be left behind and forgotten. If you are interested in any of my animals, feel free to email me so I can get to know you a little bit.

Due to school and hobbies other than animals, I am forced to cut down on the animals to make my life more manageable. Below I have a list of what is available. All rabbits are going except a few, and I have a several goats available as well. Email me for more info about any of them. I will not ship.

I will not ship any of my animals, sorry. You must meet me somewhere or come pick up at the farm - or we can arrange a ride for the animal(s).
All animals are guaranteed healthy at the time they leave my place.
All rabbits have full pedigrees (unless noted) and are quality animals.
Goats are up to date on vaccines (CD&T, BoSe, Wormer) when they leave Hillside Gems. They also will receive a hoof trim before they leave as well.
Registered goats will come with their registration papers. Non-registered goats (if any) will come with a "birth certificate" that has their parents, date of birth, and other important info.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email.
I sell animals on a first come first serve basis. I will hold rabbits for 2 weeks max (unless other arrangements have been made) if I have a non-refundable 50% deposit at that time. I will hold goats for 2 weeks max (unless other arrangements have been made) if I have a non-refundable $50 deposit at that time. I won't hold chickens.
I do give discounts to youth and 4-Hers, as well as past buyers.
All goats must go in pairs if you do not already own a goat. I will not sell does to homes where they will be companions for bucks - the bucks will breed them every chance they get and they won't get a break. I will sell wethers as buck companions. Does are to be pets or breeding animals and treated well.
I reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone at anytime for the well-being of my animals. Thank you!

Rabbits For Sale - Email for more info

I am completely selling out of rabbits, except for a few 4-H rabbits. I am stopping breeding and will only be keeping my 4-H rabbits as pets. I am not in a hurry to sell my herd, and I feel they would be able to give someone a decent start or help inprove a herd. If you would like to see pictures or more info, email me. Serious inquiries only please. The list below is what if available. If a rabbit has "sale pending" on it, please still inquire as they are not unavailable until it says "SOLD".

Netherland Dwarfs:

CM's Tonic (REW Sr. Doe, 1 BOS leg) - $75 (Possibly sale pending)
CM's Oasis (dark Sable Marten Sr. buck) - $50 (Possibly sale pending)
Moore's Desert Rose (REW Sr. Doe, 1 BOB leg) - $60
Moore's Margarita (REW Sr. Doe) - $50 (Possibly sale pending)
Moore's Cocktail (REW Sr. Buck, pet only) - $25
"Tucker" (REW Sr. buck, 1 BOB leg) - $50 Goats For Sale

Email me for info and pictures.

Pygmy Goats:

Hillside Gems Ellie, white caramel non-registered Yearling doe. - $100
Hillside Gems Rosebud, white caramel non-registered Yearling doe. - $100
Hillside Gems Chase, black agouti registration pending wether DOB 2/22/07 - $100
Flying Goat Farm Puffin, red caramel registration pending buck DOB 9/8/06 - $300

Dairy Goats:

Ober-D' Rainbow RCO Savanna, silver chamoisee ADGA registered experimental doe. Nice Mammary system on this doe! She is open this year. - $200 (See her on the Dairy Goat page)