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American Fuzzy Lops have always been a favorite breed of mine. However the wool always scared me. I met a wonderful breeder out in Michigan and over a rabbit message board, I fell in love with all her stock and babies. I found a fuzzy being offered for pet price at a local 4-H show in February 2006 and asked the breeder "what's the deal?". Apparently this doe wasn't able to pass live normal kits, only peanuts. They stopped trying to breed her and decided to move her on even though she was an awesome show girl. I brought her home and so began my journey with the fuzzy lop breed! This one doe (yes, it is Glory pictured below!) has shown me several positive sides to fuzzy lops and the wool doesn't scare me at all anymore - it is actually just as easy to care for as any other normal furred rabbit. Thank you Leslie for my wonderful start in fuzzy lops!

Any fuzzy lop with the name " Moore's " before it's callname was born here. We are home to the Moore American Fuzzy Lop! We will begin breeding in March 2007 when we acquire our stock.

Hobbs' Glory :: Solid Blue Tort Sr. Doe :: # GLO
DOB: May 7th, 2003
Sire: Tommie's Memphis (12 legs)
Dam: Hobbs' Hanna (11 legs)

Show Winnings:
5 legs, one which includes a RIS
She is now a retired pet.
Glory is probably my favorite rabbit. She has proven herself on the table in her younger days, and now is a beloved, spoiled pet here at Hillside Gems. Glory has the greatest personality. She is like a dog, and gets excited whenever you step into the rabbitry. She is so gentle and will bascailly let you do anything to her. She also loves to get around and hop around. She's not shy at all! Glory was sold to be as a pet due to she didn't pass a live litter within a year's time. Now she is with us and tags along to some 4-H shows. She has an excellent head, ear, and crown. She does have a bit of ear control. Her body is very balanced with full hindquarters, strong shoulders, and lovely dense wool! Watch out for Glory!

"Addison" aka Monty :: Broken Blue Tort Sr. Buck :: # AD
DOB: May 17th, 2006
Sire: Holland Lop (Blue Otter)
Dam: Holland Lop (Broken Tort)

Show Winnings:
Hasn't been shown by me and previous show recond unknown.

Monty is such a cute little guy. He is always on the move and loves attention. He's a really small buck and I think he will continue to grow and gain some size. He needs to grow his coat back in. He has a cute head, I would like him to have more mass to it and more width between the eyes. He has a very nice crown and ears.. cute little teaspoon-sh ears! Good bone, and a very nice hindquarter. Nice solid shoulders. I would like him to have a bit more depth in his shoulders and a wider loin, but he's not bad. He's such a cutie!

"Blue doe" :: Solid Blue Sr. Doe ::

DOB: May 1st, 2006
Sire: Holland Lop (Opal)
Dam: Holland Lop

Show Winnings:
Never been shown

Litter Status:
Due March 16th, bred to PSP's Taboo

This doe is going to be an amazing brood doe. She has a killer body with a nice big head and really nice shape to those ears. But her crown kills her... haha. She is also huge, but I cannot wait to see what she produces. She's shy in her cage, but once you get her out she loves attention and gives kisses. What a sweet breed these fuzzy lops are.

American Fuzzy Lop Litters Due

Due: March 16th, 2007
Bred: February 13th, 2007
Doe: "Big Blue" (Blue)
Buck: PSP's Taboo (Brk. Chestnut)
Colors Expected: Chestnut, maybe Black, Opal, Blue; solid and broken